Altaro Oops!Backup 破解补丁

Altaro Oops!Backup is a Time Machine for Windows Backup Solution. Oops!Backup is easy to use yet very flexible and powerful.

Backup & automatic versioning of docs, images and other files, allows you to preview & restore versions of your files from different points in time. Mistakes such as saving over another file, deleting a complete document etc. are now a thing of the past.

Altaro Oops!Backup是一款使用了独特的BackInTime ™ 技术的不同于普通备份产品的工具。Oops!Backup可以备份不同时间的不同文件版本,包括重要文件,照片或任何其他文件!Oops!Backup份是一种混合型备份和版本控制。

Altaro Oops!Backup 破解补丁下载:Altaro OOps! Backup Patch.7z (729)(解压密码

安装Altaro Oops!Backup完成后,退出程序。把破解补丁放到程序的安装目录,并点击Patch
2013-3-12 11-39-21
然后运行Altaro Oops!Backup,在Altaro Backup FS License Key界面中输入破解补丁中Serial,可以点击Generate生成
2013-3-12 11-42-07
点击Verify License Key,提示注册成功
2013-3-12 11-42-20
About Altaro Oops!Backup
2013-3-12 11-42-32


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