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An affordable all-in-one digital audio application that bundles the tools you’re most likely to need the most often. It incorporates an audio extractor; a converter that handles not only common file types like MP3, WAV, AVI, and WMV, but also less common types like OGG and iPhone Ringtone; a sound recorder; a voice changer; and even karaoke.
avi to mp3, wmv to mp3
使用AoA Audio Extractor,您可以轻松的从AVI, MPEG, MPG, FLV (Flash Video), DAT, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GP等视频格式中提取音频,并保存成MP3,WAV或者AC3格式,该软件也同样支持各种视频之间的转换(zsh)。

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