CD Label Designer 5.0.1 注册码

CD Label Designer is intuitive and powerful CD labeling software.

It supports inserting images, text, circular text and shapes, allowing you to arrange and change the size, angle, and transparency of objects. You can customize print layouts to match your pre-cut labels or your printer for printing directly to printable disks. You can also send designs to a LigtScribe™ device or export to high-resolution image files and send them to professional printing service.

CD Label Designer是一个很实用的CD标签制作工具,可以定制各种标签的格式。您只要依照向导的指示,选择您所要制作的光盘封面类型,选择一组喜欢的样本图案,最后输入所要打印的文字,就可以自制具有自我风格的光盘封面!

CD Label Designer 5.0.1 注册码:

Name: AQGuru
Personal Edition Key: 5HCX-U8BB-AVTQ-NTDQ-2JDE-6D2A-7
Business Edition Key: 5HCX-D7BB-ABJC-EDEV-5CAC-EFC5-C

2013-4-28 13-51-10


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