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Computers offer children the world on a screen—a place where they can let their imaginations roam while sharpening their mental agility and scholastic abilities. What’s more, children can access school assignments directly on the Internet and connect with friends through social networks. Yet computers also present a serious source of worry for parents. Computers expose children to certain dangers, such as questionable, even dangerous, material that they can easily stumble upon while surfing the Web. And then there’s the problem of managing “screen time”: no one wants their kids spending all their free time sitting in front of a computer. Fortunately, you can avoid those kinds of problems and more—by installing Child Control 2012 on every computer that your children use.

Child Control 是一款计算机儿童控制软件。对家中有年幼的小孩子尤其有用,它可以帮助父母亲限制孩子哪种文件/站点可观看或 不可观看,给孩子一个干净的网络使用环境。它可在所有Windows(包括XP)系统下设置用户存取权限,也可在固定时间限制对个人计算机和/或互联网的 使用权限,对Windows内部部件和个人的文件夹的限制存取等。

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