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ChrisTV PVR Professional 5.80 is the top class product of this suite, including all the available features of the ChrisTV product series. Enjoy this professional PVR (Personal Video Recorder) application to watch, schedule and record analog TV & Radio FM programs.

Using this product you take full advantage of the Advanced Scheduler functions, Radio Recording Module, Advanced Recording Features (use of Deinterlace Filters, Image Processing Effects while recording), Recording Profiles (for AVI, MPEG video recording and WAV/MP3 audio recording), customizable MPEG Recording Settings, Video Frame Cropping Feature for Recording and Image Processing Features. In ChrisTV Professional both preview and recording modes, with multimonitor support, are available for all supported capture devices (TV cards, VIVO cards, Combo cards).

ChrisTV PVR Professional是一个在线电视接收观看工具,只要你链接到Internet,你可以用它接收超过100多个国家、地区的30000 个电视和广播节目,此应用程式是PVR,可以採取控制你的电视卡录製任何设备与 WDM驱动程式,也适用于任何拍摄设备如摄像头和图形卡的视讯输入。

ChrisTV PVR Professional 5.80 序列号:

name..: SemDJ
Serial: 6ABA38D84CF340B6D7A929C49486256F3E4ACD89B98A4B4F46639069B8DACD4786228A3351B711585C007FBE8EE280677CC2AD095F910EBC15BBCE373C875744

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