ClipCache Pro 3.5.3 + Portable 破解补丁

Clipcache Pro is a powerful information gathering tool.

ClipCache Pro’s rich features have turned it into a tool for gathering and organizing information that is powerful enough for everything from home web-surfing to journalism to academic and commercial research.

It is the best utility of its type available – and used by major corporations including IBM, AT&T, Bosch, Cuna Mutual, BankFirst Corp, The Oregonian, The New Haven Register, Basler Electric and the Short Line School.

With a single keystroke, it monitors clipboard activity and saves everything you copy. Then you can organise, edit and manipulate your text and images in an amazing variety of ways. Stop capturing with another keystroke.

ClipCache Pro 3.5.3 + Portable 破解补丁:百度网盘|微云|MEGA|TusFiles
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