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DivX Plus® Software lets you convert video between popular formats and enjoy an enhanced playback experience across all your devices, at home and on the go.

DivX Plus Software includes everything you need for a high-quality digital video experience including Converter, Player, Web Player and Codec Pack.

DivX Plus Converter

In addition to high-quality output of DivX (AVI, DIVX) and DivX Plus® (H.264 video in MKV container) video for your PC and DivX Certified® devices, Converter now adds MP4 conversion to make sure your videos play well on iPhone, iPad and beyond. And with hardware acceleration, you can expect high-performance encoding that doesn’t overload your CPU or drain your battery.

Designed for quick and easy conversion of the most popular video formats found on the web, Converter also lets you tweak encoding settings (resolution, file size and bitrate), combine multiple videos into one file, create a trick play track for smooth FF/RW, and add multiple subtitles and audio tracks. Add support for MPG, TS, VOB and SVCD files with the MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in.

DivX Plus Player

Player delivers the best playback experience for movies, TV shows and popular web video formats (AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV). With support for advanced features (multiple subtitles, audio tracks, smooth FF/RW), quick transfer to DivX Certified® devices and new streaming to DLNA-compatible devices, Player with DivX To Go® is the only tool you need for high-quality video playback of your collection—on your computer, throughout your home and on the go.

DivX Plus Web Player

With high-quality streaming of the web’s most popular video formats including MKV right in your browser, Web Player completes the DivX Plus Software bundle. Enjoy stunning HD video with true 5.1 channel surround sound, multiple subtitles and audio track support, smooth playback with hardware acceleration, and the ability to download everything you watch online. And with support for DIVX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV, Web Player is a great choice to publish video to your website or blog.

DivX Plus Codec Pack

Codec Pack includes a full set of codecs, filters and splitters that powers Converter, Player and Web Player. And you can use Codec Pack’s pre-set profiles to output video for your DivX Certified Home Theater, HD or Mobile devices using your favorite video editing applications. With advanced encoding settings and hardware acceleration, this trusted Codec Pack from the makers of DivX video delivers a high-quality video experience on your computer.

DivX 10 软件包含高品质数字视频体验所需的一切,包括视频转换器、视频播放器、网页播放器和编解码包,DivX 10 软件同时支持传统的MPEG-4和最新的HEVC (H.265) 高清数字视频标准;不但可以播放和转换DivX与DivX+ 文件(。divx、。avi、。mp4格式),还可以播放及转换网上流行的。mkv (H.264/AAC、AC3、MP3)高清视频,带来最高质量的播放体验。

DivX 10 引入了最新的编码解码器,通过现有的 DivX 工具就能创建高质量的 DivX HEVC 视频并进行播放。基于最新的视频压缩标准,DivX HEVC 力求提供比 DivX Plus HD(基于 H.264 标准)高 50% 的压缩率。DivX 10 是同类软件中首款集成了 HEVC 视频支持的软件,包含播放器、网络播放器和转换器——提供一套免费的、多功能 HEVC 视频解决方案。支持在Intel i5平台上以高达1080p的画质实时解码 HEVC视频。

◆ DivX Player 提供实时、高质量的 HEVC 播放,支持高达 1080p 的 HM11 编码视频。

◆ DivX Web Player 可实现高效的 HEVC 流媒体传输, 可在浏览器中渐进式播放和下载。

◆ DivX Converter 提供免费、易用的转换功能(转换为 DIVX、AVI、MKV、MP4 格式)并包含全新的 DivX HEVC 720p 和 1080p 视频配置文件。

◆ DivX HEVC 插件让用户可以轻松播放和创建高达 1080p 的 DivX HEVC 视频。在安装时只需点击“启用 DivX HEVC 插件”,就能通过DivX Player 添加本地播放HEVC视频功能,在DivX Web Player上也可流畅播放,还利用 DivX Converter 将视频转换成 DivX HEVC 视频。

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DivX Plus 10 Build程序下载

DivX Plus 10

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