Dupli Find 6.16 破解补丁

Dupli Find is an automation utility that searches duplicate lines in text files and Word documents, and duplicate rows/cells in Excel spreadsheets. Found duplicates are presented visually and can easily be removed from the source with a minumim of work required. Filtering can be used to pinpoint specific parts of the lines for better results. Dupli Find can also be used as a general text utility that provides many functions for manipulating text files.

Dupli Find 6.16 破解补丁下载:Dupli Find 6.16 Patch.7z (1195)(解压密码:astray.cn)

把破解补丁放到Dupli Find的安装目录,并运行
2013-2-7 11-39-05
点击Patch,提示File patched
2013-2-7 11-39-20
成功注册,About Dupli Find
2013-2-7 11-39-43


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