DVD X Player Professional 破解补丁

DVD X Player is the world’s first DVD region free player software which enables you to watch any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies on any DVD drive! With this all region free DVD player, you can play any DVD from any country even if you have used up your region counter and can no longer change the DVD drive’s region.

Besides the best region free DVD player, DVD X Player also enables you to play all types of media content like movies, videos, photos and music, and brings the best in video and audio qualities to upgrade all your viewing experience !

DVD X Player是世界上第一款没有区位码限制的专业DVD播放程序。使用它,你可以任意播放任意地区的DVD光碟而用担心区位码的问题,从此你再也不需要通过刷新Flash FireWare的方式来Hack你的DVD光驱了。出众的音频视频质量,简单易用的用户界面,完整的支持杜比5.1 AC-3多声道环绕立体声技术,支持多声道解码技术,最高可以支持v7.1声道,支持Digital Theater System (DTS)技术,支持DVD,VCD,SVCD,MP3,MPEG,AVI,DAT,WMV,VOB等常用多媒体格式,支持书签管理,支持图片捕捉,支持区位码设置,支持NTSC和PAL两种视频格式,支持16:9宽荧幕,并对Intel的MMX, SSE, SSE2和AMD的3DNOW, 3DNOW PRO指令集进行了完美的优化。

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