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Classroom Spy is the, LAN, WLAN, VPN, Internet user activity monitoring software. It enables you to watch remote computer screens. Classroom Spy is ideal for parents concerned about what their children do on the computer and for employers concerned about loss of productivity due to unauthorized use of the Internet on company time. With Classroom Spy, you secretly watch the computer as the user is using it. You have also the ability to present your screen to others e.g. students. The remote control feature allows you to control remote computer’s mouse and keyboard and use the computers as you were there.

Classroom Spy Professional可以在远程的电脑上跟踪学生的活动情况,跟踪教室中的学生更好的完成学科任务并帮助处于困境中的人,可以在一个固定的电脑上管理所有电脑,可以在学生处于等待进一步的指示或安排时锁定电脑。

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