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Efficient Address Book is a professional, elegant and handy contact management software program.

It supports endless levels of contact groupings and helps you manage the information of even thousands of contacts rapidly. You can add birthday and anniversaries to a contact and the program will remind you of them on time, so you can better create and keep networking and build customer relationships. By setting importance of your customers, you can always focus on key persons. Custom fields fully meet your special business requirements. The product saves you a lot of time by features such as flash find, fast input of contacts from the same company, copy and paste of contacts as well as bulk import.

Besides, there are various unique features such as the product can display contact list in card view, you can add unlimited number of photos to a contact and you can edit all the fields of a contact profile, etc. A major feature of the Efficient address book software is you can not only add text, but also insert attachments, tables, pictures and URLs to the comment of a contact, just like Microsoft Word does, so it can truly record and track all information of this contact! Besides, you have up to 8 interface styles of different tones of color to choose from!

Efficient Address Book is a must have for people from all walks of life to manage their contact information.

效能通讯录是一款专业、美观、易用的联系人及客户信息管理软件。软件支持无限级别的联系人分组,帮助您快速管理成千上万的联系人信息;特有拼音首字母自动识别功能,帮助您最快地查找到相关信息;您可以按公历或农历输入联系人的生日和纪念日,软件会实时贴心提醒,帮助您更好地建立人脉和客户关系;通过设置联系人的重要性帮助您时刻把握重点;自定义字段充分满足您的特殊业务需求。效能通讯录的一大特色是,对于联系人的备注,您不仅仅可以输入文本信息,还可以象Word一样插入附件、表格、图片、超链接等信息,真正做到完整地记录和跟踪联系人的所有信息!软件提供不同配色方案的 8 种界面风格任您选择!效能通讯录是各界人士必备的信息管理工具。

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