FarStone 系列产品注册机

FarStone Products Keygen v2.0 – CORE,适用于FarStone 系列产品。
FarStone 系列产品注册机下载:FarStone Products Keygen v2.0 - CORE.7z (1287)(解压密码:astray.cn)

下面以注册VirtualDrive Pro 15 为例

VirtualDrive is a Virtual CD/DVD emulation, managing and burning software. VirtualDrive converts a CD/DVD/BD into a Virtual CD file (VCD), which plays in any one of up to 23 emulated virtual CD/DVD/BD drives. VirtualDrive allows you to emulate, burn, copy, create, and share CD/DVD/Blu-ray. VirtualDrive provides a fast and instant responsive playback without leaving any wear or tear on your CD/DVD.

运行注册机,选择”Program”-VirtualDrive Pro 15
2013-2-20 10-48-58
2013-2-20 10-28-26
打开VirtualDrive Pro Manager,选择Click here to enter your serial number
2013-2-20 10-27-26
2013-2-20 10-29-04
点击Next会弹出提示窗口:Register succeeded,然后弹出Activation窗口,选择Other activation options
2013-2-20 10-30-29
进入到Email Activation窗口,把Mac Address输入到注册机中的Installation Code,点击Activation,会生成Activation Code
2013-2-20 10-35-24
把注册机生成的激活码输入到注册界面中Activation Code一栏中
2013-2-20 10-36-18
点击Activation Now会提示Activation Successful(激活成功)
2013-2-20 10-38-01
完成注册,About VirtualDrive Pro
2013-2-20 10-38-38


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