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Thanks to smartphones, etc. you can nowadays always have your favorite tracks and best videos to hand in your pocket, any time you want. But movies and music that can be played at top quality on computer often encounter a problem on smartphones, cell phones and tablet PCs: there is no image, no sound, and sometimes the files aren’t even recognized. This is caused by incompatible formats and incorrect settings during conversion. But this is a thing of the past now. You can use Format Converter to convert video and audio files and select exactly the format that guarantees you a smooth picture and good sound on mobile devices.

Format Converter 5 Ultimate 是一款允许你把电影和音乐转到几乎任何一种格式的应用程序,Format Converter 5 Ultimate 除了提供转换功能外,它还提拱从视频文件中提取声音并转换为音频文件的功能。例如,您可以创建单独的音频cd从你的音乐视频dvd中。Format Converter提供了大量的转换配置文件有,确保每个文件能够以最好的方式进行转换和改编。

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Format Converter 5 Ultimate

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