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HotDisc DVD Copy is a very easy, fast and powerful DVD ripping tool, which can help you rip and convert your favorite DVD movies to almost all popular video & audio formats with amazing speed and quality. Then you can enjoy them anytime & anywhere on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, or other devices on the go. With HotDisc DVD Copy, you can precisely rip your videos by customizing titles, chapters, audio tracks & subtitle you want and applying the preset parameters for each format or device.

HotDisc DVD Copy 是一款快速而强大的DVD影碟拷贝和RIP工具,它可以帮助你将所自己珍藏的DVD影碟以惊人的速度和质量转换成各种高品质的视频或者音频文件,然后你就可以随时随地的在您的iPod、iPhone、iPad、PSP或其他数码设备上欣赏它们!通过自定义参数设置,你可以设置音轨、字幕、章节等参数来得到自己想要的效果!

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