iGetter v2.6.8 for Win 破解版

iGetter is a powerful, full featured download manager and accelerator. iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads using segmented downloading. In addition it allows auto resume on broken downloads, queue filtering by various criteria, site explorer, history list, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, auto redial on broken connection, auto hang-up and shut down on completion, and much more.

iGetter的是一个强大的,全功能的下载管理器和加速器。 iGetter使​​用分段下载可以大大提高您的下载速度。此外,它允许自动恢复中断的下载、通过不同参数过滤下载队列、为下载分配低流量时段、连接断开后自动重试、下载完成后自动停止或关机等等。

iGetter v2.6.8 for Win 破解版:百度网盘|微云|MEGA|TusFiles

iGetter v2.6.8 for Win

iGetter v2.6.8 for Win

iGetter 主页:http://www.igetter.net/index.html


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