沙盘 Sandboxie 4.0.4 License(激活许可证)

Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

The red arrows indicate changes flowing from a running program into your computer. The box labeled Hard disk (no sandbox) shows changes by a program running normally. The box labeled Hard disk (with sandbox) shows changes by a program running under Sandboxie. The animation illustrates that Sandboxie is able to intercept the changes and isolate them within a sandbox, depicted as a yellow rectangle. It also illustrates that grouping the changes together makes it easy to delete all of them at once.

Sandboxie 4.04 License:(6 month)


Sandboxie 4.0.4: 百度网盘|MEGA

You may use it again after 6 month hopefully.

– Uninstall any patched or cracked version.

– Do a clean Install.

– Activate Online..

(After 180 days you don’t have to use the serial again, just click on ‘Activate license’, as the serial has no expiration!)

2 Or, Simply tick the box after activation, it will automatically reactivate after 180 days.. If nothing goes wrong

Sandboxie 4.0.4

Sandboxie 官方网站:http://www.sandboxie.com/

DLL文件修复 DLL-files Fixer 许可证密钥

DLL-files Fixer是一款官方支持中文的专业DLL文件修复和注册表优化工具。软件能够修复损坏的dll文件,能够对注册表进行修复,能够查找和安装dll文件和备份注册表。对于单机游戏来说,经常因为少了某个dll文件,DLL-files Fixer软件能够非常方便的修复

当你满心欢喜的下载完一款动辄几个G甚至几十G的硬盘版游戏准备一展身手时,却尴尬的遇到系统弹出丢失d3dx10_43.dll组件、缺少MSVCR100.DLL组件等dll错误问题!如果你并非专业人员,定会被此弄得束手无策!难道费时下载的游戏就因此而玩不成吗?当然不能!马上使用“DLL-Files FIXER ”这款软件来帮你自动解决dll文件缺少或丢失的问题吧。你只需要把系统提示的dll名称告诉DLL-Files FIXER ,它便会自动查找并下载相应的软件运行库,让你重拾游戏热情,畅快玩耍!当然不止是游戏,只要是系统、软件遇到的所有dll问题,“DLL-Files FIXER ”都会帮您智能修复!

DLL-files Fixer 优势:
-轻松对您的 Windows 注册表进行碎片整理。
-一次修复您所有的 DLL 文件问题,并保持 Windows 注册表无错误。
-使您的应用程序和 PC 远离崩溃。
-提升 PC 性能和操作系统响应时间。

DLL-files Fixer 许可证密钥:


DLL-files Fixer 官方网站:http://www.dll-files.com/fixer/

WinZip Registry Optimizer 许可证密钥

WinZip Registry Optimizer is an advanced registry cleaner that cleans, repairs and optimizes your PC to minimize seizures and crashes. With WinZip Registry Optimizer, you will see an immediate increase in PC performance and a decrease in crashes.

WinZip Registry Optimizer是来自著名压缩软件WinZip开发团队的一种可以修复、组织和整理Windows注册表的应用程序,它可以删除无效注册表条目,整理碎片从而提升系统性能,除此之外还可以修正Windows注册表出错导致软件无法安装和应用程序出错的问题。

WinZip Registry Optimizer 许可证密钥:


2013-6-25 14-21-04

SolveigMM HyperCam 3.6.1311.20 许可证

HyperCam 3是SolveigMM与Hyperionics LLC公司共同开发的著名的HyperCam 2 的最新版本,它的一个高级应用就是以.AVI, WMV/ASF 格式文件保存捕捉到的屏幕内容。尽管HyperCam仅仅被用来抓取电影或游戏内容,但它却以能够创建视频方案,辅助教程或demo短片的优秀工具而闻名于世。气派直观的友好用户界面,为录制操作预设的热键,内建的视频编辑工具,丰富的关于工作流程的文本注释功能,各种参数设定,命令行界面,可安装在便携设备上,小体积的安装文件以及更实惠的价格,这些优点都使得HyperCam 3成为电脑上必备的工具。

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Audials One 10 许可证密钥

Audials One – Find, record, download, convert and enjoy music, films, videos and Internet radio. Audials Audials One Internet Radio Webradio Recorder, Internet video Downloader, DVD Copy, Movies Screen Capture, PC, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet.

Audials One是一款可从互联网上免费下载音乐;清除拷贝保护;podcasts、歌词、唱片封面的ID3 标签的软件。可搜索超过 14000 个特定网站的网络收音机,也可以在网上电台收听歌曲或直接从网上下载您所喜爱的歌曲。

Audials One 10 许可证密钥:


2013-6-3 13-45-22

Harrison Mixbus 2.3.1 许可证文件

Mixbus™ is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with “True Analog Mixing”™: a combination of Harrison’s world-renowned sound and features in an affordable, knob-per-function interface. Mixbus provides professional-level features to import or record an unlimited number of audio tracks to your computer, edit them, and mix them together. You can use Mixbus to record your band, mix a record, make a podcast, or edit the audio for your video.


Harrison Mixbus 2.3.1 许可证文件下载:license_key_harrison_mixbus2.7z (387)(解压密码:astray.cn)

1. Install
2. Copy the included license file onto your Desktop
3. Start the application, it will detect the license automatically
2013-6-1 12-29-43

PTLens 8.9 许可证文件

PTLens is software that corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective.

PTLens 是一款不错的图像变形特效软件,用于处理因镜头产生的暗角、畸变、视角、色彩等!程序支持桶变-枕变和鱼眼镜头,支持对视角、色彩、暗角等随意进行调整,支持实时预览!程序不但可以独立运行,同时可以作为Photoshop的滤镜来使用!非常方便!

PTLens 8.9 许可证文件下载:ptLicense.dat.7z (623)(解压密码:astray.cn)
2013-5-2 11-19-07

Babylon Pro 10.0.2 (r0) 许可证

Babylon is the world’s leading provider of language solutions, such as online and offline dictionary and translation software in over 75 languages in one simple click and is being used by millions of private users and organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.

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VMware Workstation 注册机

VMware Workstation provides a seamless way to access all of the virtual machines you need, regardless of where they are running. Remotely connect to virtual machines running on VMware vSphere, ESXi or another copy of VMware Workstation. Workstation’s web interface lets you access local and server hosted virtual machines from your PC, smart phone, tablet or any device with a modern browser.

VMware Workstation 10 注册机:百度网盘|微云|MEGA|TusFiles
VMWare Workstation 9 注册机:百度网盘|微云|MEGA|TusFiles
VMware Workstation程序下载(微云)
附 VMware Workstation 许可证密钥:


VMware Workstation 10

VMware Workstation 主页:http://www.vmware.com