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PDF Stamp is a perfect tool that lets you add images, texts, and Line watermark to a batch of Acrobat PDF documents. With PDF Stamp, you can create, edit and manage the text, image, line watermark. Text watermark support static and dynamic text, with dynamic text, you can use PDF file name, metadata information, and date time as the watermark. Image watermark supports almost all of image formats includes TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG2000, TGA, PCX, WMF, EMF etc. You can create watermark using company logos, letter header, signatures, product pictures or any artwork in image formats.
PDF Stamp is able to add links and notes. These processes can be realized in a determined number of pages with precise control over the size and position, the stamped text and/or images become a permanent part of each PDF document.
The interface of PDF Stamp has been designed to be user-friendly and can be easily operated by anyone. All a user needs to do is click on the menu and all the options of the program are available to you. All conversions can be done easily and smoothly.

PDF Stamp是一个PDF文件批量编辑工具,可以让你批量添加图像,文本和线条水印。 你可以创建,编辑和管理文本,图像,线条水印。文字水印支持静态和动态文本,动态文本,你可以使用PDF文件的名称,元数据信息,日期和时间作为水印。

图片水印支持几乎所有的图像格式包括TIFF ,JPEG ,GIF, BMP, PNG ,JPEG2000 ,TGA , PCX , WMF, EMF等,您可以创建水印使用公司标志,信头,签名,产品图片或图像中的任何艺术品格式。

PDF Stamp可以添加链接和注释。这些过程可以实现在一个确定的数页大小和位置的精确控制,每一个PDF文档成为一个永久的印记文字或图像的一部分。

PDF Stamp被设计为具有用户友好的,任何人都可以很容易地操作。所有用户需要做的就是点击菜单上的所有选项。所有的转换可以轻松,顺利地完成。

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