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Vehicle Manager Home Edition
Vehicle Manager Professional Edition
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Asset Manager Standard Edition
Asset Manager Enterprise Edition
Training Manager Standard Edition
Training Manager Enterprise Edition
Maintenance Manager Standard Edition
Maintenance Manager Enterprise Edition

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Efficient Address Book 3.52 注册码

Efficient Address Book is a professional, elegant and handy contact management software program.

It supports endless levels of contact groupings and helps you manage the information of even thousands of contacts rapidly. You can add birthday and anniversaries to a contact and the program will remind you of them on time, so you can better create and keep networking and build customer relationships. By setting importance of your customers, you can always focus on key persons. Custom fields fully meet your special business requirements. The product saves you a lot of time by features such as flash find, fast input of contacts from the same company, copy and paste of contacts as well as bulk import.

Besides, there are various unique features such as the product can display contact list in card view, you can add unlimited number of photos to a contact and you can edit all the fields of a contact profile, etc. A major feature of the Efficient address book software is you can not only add text, but also insert attachments, tables, pictures and URLs to the comment of a contact, just like Microsoft Word does, so it can truly record and track all information of this contact! Besides, you have up to 8 interface styles of different tones of color to choose from!

Efficient Address Book is a must have for people from all walks of life to manage their contact information.

效能通讯录是一款专业、美观、易用的联系人及客户信息管理软件。软件支持无限级别的联系人分组,帮助您快速管理成千上万的联系人信息;特有拼音首字母自动识别功能,帮助您最快地查找到相关信息;您可以按公历或农历输入联系人的生日和纪念日,软件会实时贴心提醒,帮助您更好地建立人脉和客户关系;通过设置联系人的重要性帮助您时刻把握重点;自定义字段充分满足您的特殊业务需求。效能通讯录的一大特色是,对于联系人的备注,您不仅仅可以输入文本信息,还可以象Word一样插入附件、表格、图片、超链接等信息,真正做到完整地记录和跟踪联系人的所有信息!软件提供不同配色方案的 8 种界面风格任您选择!效能通讯录是各界人士必备的信息管理工具。

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ViewCompanion Premium 7.44 序列号

ViewCompanion Premium® is the most powerful member of the ViewCompanion familiy. ViewCompanion Premium can view, print and convert HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, Adobe PDF, Postscript, EPS, TIFF, CALS and other formats.

ViewCompanion 是一款功能强大的 HPGL、HPGL/2和HP-RTL 文件浏览和打印工具。支持 CAD 程序或绘图仪生成的HPGL、HPGL/2和HP-RTL文件。ViewCompanion 的主要特性是支持PS、PDF、DWF、DXF、JPG、PCX、PNG、TIFF、BMP、EMF、WMF 等文件格式之间的相互转换。

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Atlantis Word Processor 注册码

Atlantis Word Processor has all the features you need to create simple documents or great works of literature: novels, essays, reports, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, etc.

Compose rich-formatted documents from scratch, or edit existing MS Word documents, and send them to colleagues, customers, partners, friends.

Make eBooks for a living, or just create eBooks to read on your iPad or another eBook reader. Turn any document into an eBook with just a few mouse clicks!

Intuitive, safe and reliable, superfast, portable and entirely customizable, Atlantis will be the perfect companion for your word processing tasks.

Atlantis Word Processor 是一款文字处理软件,它能够实现直观、无盲点的处理环境,让你放心的设计你的文档,并且软件的界面可以按照你的意愿自定义比如工具栏,字体选择,排版,打 印栏等等,还有更多,比如你还可以把软件界面中的任何可以动部分任意放到你认为方便的地方,来提高你的工作效率!

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Adobe Creative Cloud 系列软件破解补丁(amtlib.dll)

近日Adobe发布Creative Cloud系列设计软件,用户现在可以下载Creative Cloud桌面,也可以选择单独下载任意CC组件,例如Photoshop CC、InDesign CC、Behance等。和CS系列不同,CC系列的授权采用了全新的订阅方式,不再是一次性购买许可,用户可以在Mac OS、Windows、iOS和Android系统上通过Creative Cloud来储存、同步和分享Creative文件。

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TSR Watermark Image Software 注册机

TSR Watermark Image 是一款专门用于给图片添加水印的工具,中文界面,使用起来也比较方便,启动软件以后首先选择需要处理的图片,在各类水印效果中进行调整,你可以改变水印大小,内容,位置,透明度,水印状态(加深边框,浮雕式等),调整同时提供当即预览直到你满意为止,最后选择输出目录即可。

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MyVideoConverter Pro V3.14 注册机

MyVideoConverter converts between all popular video formats such as convert AVI to FLV, WMV to MP4, WMV to AVI, MOV to AVI, MP4 to FLV, DVD to AVI, MPEG to 3GP, convert FLV files to iPod formats, etc.

MyVideoConverter also supports splitting and joining video such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV, VOB (the video format used in DVD), DAT (the video format used in VCD, SVCD), etc.

It acts as 3GP Video Converter, iPod Video Converter, PSP Video Converter, AVI Video Converter, MP4 Video Converter, MOV Video Converter, RM/RMVB Video converter, FLV Video Converter, etc.

MyVideoConverter Pro 是一款非常不错的视频转换、视频分割、视频合并、DVD刻录于一身的工具,非常易用的、几乎能完成所有视频转换相关任务的软件。简单点击几下鼠标即可实现 VCD /SVCD /DVD /MPEG /AVI /DivX /ASF /DAT /SWF /3GP /RM /MP3 /MOV 等诸多格式的高速转换,除此之外还支持编码视频为 Flash 以及从视频中抽取音频轨道为单独的音乐文件,也可以抽取视频的帧为图像。

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EZGenerator 破解补丁

EZGenerator is a combination offline Website builder and online content management system.

Create the structure of your website offline, add pages, blogs and other features then upload it and continue to edit ‘live’ content online.

Easily create a website without installing any other software on your PC or server, EZGenerator does all the hard work for you and set-up everything you need to have online.

EZGenerator 是一款网站建设程序。它的使用很简单,不要求任何专业技巧,通过此程序任何使用者都可以建立一个高质量,超强界面效果的网站。可以在家或者办公室通过本程序建立流畅的网站管理系统,通过互联网可以随时随地更新你的网站。

EZGenerator 是Web Site的构建工具,它是家庭用户及组织正在寻找一种容易和负担得起的解决方案,可以创建一个高质量和令人满意的Website。EZGenerator不需要专门的技巧,不需要特别的CGI脚本、没有对所有者寄存服务的限制。

EZGenerator 使得website的管理成为一件轻松的事情并可以让你用一个Internet连接从你的家庭和办公室中的PC来即刻更新网站。

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Anthemion Writer’s Café 2.37.1 注册码

Writer’s Café is a set of power tools for all fiction writers, whether experienced or just starting out. The heart of Writer’s Café is StoryLines, a powerful but simple to use story development tool that dramatically accelerates the creation and structuring of your novel or screenplay.

Writer’s Café 是这样一款软件:一款适合各类小说作家的软件工具箱,无论是有经验的还是新手。其操作核心是 Story Lines(故事线)。一个强大但使用简单的故事开发工具,可以显著地加速你的小说或剧本的创作和架构。

Anthemion Writer’s Café 2.37.1 注册码:

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AutoRun Pro Enterprise II 注册机

Create your own custom autorun menus, interactive presentations, multimedia applications, and custom software in just minutes. AutoRun Pro Enterprise II features a completely visual drag and drop environment. Simply add content such as buttons, photos and text to your pages and position them using your mouse. Even if you have absolutely no programming experience you’ll be able to get started creating your own custom applications in just minutes.

AutoRun Pro Enterprise II is a popular design tool for rapid creation of autorun CD browsers and presentations. Offering a simple point-and-click design environment, AutoRun Pro Enterprise II allows anyone, regardless of computer competence and creative ability, to blend texts, images, video and audio into an interactive front-end for CDs and DVDs. In doing this, you can make use of wizards, templates and demos that let you jumpstart your autorun project in minutes. The end result can be compiled as a single executable file and burned onto a CD or DVD disk directly using the built-in CD Burner.

The best in AutoRun Pro Enterprise II is that it has been designed with the ordinary user in mind, the one who doesn’t want to take the time to learn how to use a complicated design tool or hire a designer to do the work. It lets you create and edit a front-end in much the same way as you would design a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Just click, drag, position in the desired area and preview to see whether you have the intended result. In just a few clicks, you can create a main page, a splash screen, an agreement form, a security form and an exit form, plus add the unlimited number of sub pages. Pages can be connected by using transition effects like page fade in, fade out and others. You can elaborate pages by adding buttons, images, simple text, links and many other objects and associate each of them with actions so that end users can interact with and navigate through the front-end content. The front-end can let them open and execute files, print documents, send email, visit web sites, browse CD and more.

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