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Create stunning professional screensavers within minutes. Create screensavers for yourself, for promotion or unlimited royalty-free commercial distribution. Make screensavers from images, video and flash animation, add background music and smooth sprite and transition effects. Screensaver Factory is very easy to use, and it enables you to make standalone self-installing screensaver files and CDs for easy setup and distribution. Screensaver Factory is the most advanced software of its kind.

Screensaver Factory 是一款强大的屏保开发工具,您可以使用它创建精美的屏保供自娱自乐,也可以创建包含注册机制的、用于商业环境分发的共享版屏保程序。通过使用本软件,您可以将所喜爱的图像文件、音频/视频文件,以及Flash动画文件等进行合理组合,从而创作出华丽的屏保!

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