Serenity Editor 4.5 破解补丁

Editor, software for checking spelling, usage, grammar, and style, is compact and fast. Its professional critiques of usage and style help writers edit and polish their work. It checks for many spelling mistakes that other checkers miss and for myriads of common stylistic flaws that other checkers ignore. It is useful to students from junior high school through college and to professional writers in any field. Editor runs on Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8, requiring fewer than 8 MB of memory and disk storage. It reads documents composed in Word and in plain text. It will also read many documents in WordPerfect, RTF, and HTML formats.

Editor’s extensive writing-reference screens, available at a mouse click or keystroke while reviewing the program’s analysis, provide des-
criptions and illustrations of each writing problem Editor finds. The onscreen Writer’s Manual contains helpful discussions of writing as well as information about using the program to improve a writer’s work.

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