SmartIMF Manager V2.0.6.0 注册机

SmartIMF Manager helps your organization take control of your Microsoft Exchange Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) and Exchange 2007+ Anti-Spam Agents. Why pay extra for a 3rd party Anti-Spam solution when Microsoft Exchange already has a world-class anti-spam engine based on SmartScreen technology developed by Microsoft Research? Let SmartIMF Manager help you unlock the full potential of your Exchange Server.

SmartIMF Manager是一款协助管理员在微软信息交换系统中的智能型信息过滤管理工具,它也可以由自订的白名单进行自动讯息过滤,是最佳管理帮手。

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打开SmartIMF Manager,在注册界面输入注册机生成的Name和Key,点击Register
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完成注册,About SmartIMF Manager
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