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Topaz DeNoise is a Photoshop plug-in that offers the fastest and most effective way to reduce heavy ISO noise – putting unrivaled noise reduction quality at your fingertips. Whether you’re shooting in low light, fast speeds, or other noisy conditions, DeNoise gives you the peace of mind to know that you’ll always end up with a clean, clear, noise-free image.

DeNoise 5 also introduces two exciting noise reduction tools. The new dual-directional debanding technology tackles banding noise (Learn more about banding noise), while the exclusive Correct Black Level parameter is employed to restore shadow tones to their true richness and color.

Other noise reduction methods utilize a range of subtle blurring techniques that often removes detail as well as noise. Topaz DeNoise 5 is the
only software of its kind that is able to recover crisp detail while simultaneously removing up to four stops of noise with the utmost quality.

Topaz DeNoise 是一款优秀的降噪滤镜,相对于其它降噪软件,效果相当突出。此款插件是面向Adobe Photoshop的噪点清理、控制滤镜,它采用独特有效的算法来调整参数。比如:颜色,细节,曝光,降噪,模糊,亮度,对比度等,将有助于有效地实现独特的效果在处理照片,建立高度的艺术形象的照片以最少的时间和精力达到对噪点的最优化处理。

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