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Blaze Video Magic is an all-in-one video conversion solution which lets you convert or rip all videos or DVDs to MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, WMA, ASF for better enjoyment on iPhone/iPad/iPod/PSP/HTC/Archos/Nokia, media players or other portable devices at fast video converting speed.

Blaze Video Magic offers an amazing video or DVD editing feature by enabling you to edit video or DVD files (clip, crop, merge, add watermark, subtitle, special effects,etc.).

Blaze Video Magic also gives additional useful features like downloading videos from online video-sharing site like YouTube or Yahoo Video, making free custom ringtones for iPhone or creating unique picture slideshows for better viewing on-the-go.

Blaze Video Magic 是一款功能强大、简单易用的多媒体转换工具。你可以随意转换各种视频、音频和图片文件,转换后文件可以在当今流行的MP3、MPEG4、 PSP、索尼PSP、苹果iPod、3G智能手机等便携式设备上随意预览和播放,从而解决了目前便携式设备片源较少的问题。

转换视 频:Blaze Video Magic可以转换*.RM , *.RMVB , *.AVI , *.WMV , *.ASF , *.MPG , *.MPEG , *.MPE , *M1V , *MPV2 , *.MP4 , *.DAT , *.MOV , *.VOB等视频文件为AVI-MPEG4 , ASF-MPEG4 , MP4-MPEG4, PSP-MPEG4, 3GP-MPEG4, AVI-DIVX格式的文件。新增加的视频分割功能还可以让你把比较大的视频文件分割为几个小的视频文件,以适应不同大小的便携式设备。


转换图片:你可以转换 *.BMP, *.JPG, *.GIF, *.TIF, *.PNG 等图片文件为通用的JPEG文件格式。

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