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WinPatrol PLUS allows you to efficiently monitor programs running on your computer without slowing you down or hogging all your memory.

WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you in real-time to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. You’ll be notified of critical system changes and have access to over 30,000 easy to understand program descriptions.

Must have addition to your current AV protection.

老牌的系统安全辅助软件 WinPatrol 是 Windows 的看门狗(还有个满形象的名字叫 Scotty ^_^-苏格兰犬种之一),它能实时监控系统的以下项目:
* 自启动程序
* IE 助手(BHO)
* 计划任务
* 系统服务(有个非常贴心的选项-仅列出非MS的服务,我很喜欢)
* 活动任务(即当前进程)
* Cookies
* 文件类型关联定义
* IE 默认页+搜索页
* HOSTS及其它关键系统文件

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Reg Code: NIE9ZX9

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