Delete Duplicate Files 5 序列号

Delete Duplicate Files is powerful tool for deleting duplicated files. Some of the key features are:

• Efficient detection and removal of duplicate files
• Standard scanning methods: Compare files by content – Direct byte-for-byte or hash matches
• Light scanning methods: Compare files by names, sizes and additional secondary criteria
• Variety of additional comparison criteria which can be used in conjunction with standard methods (direct or hash).
• Powerful performances over the network
• User friendly and intuitive graphical interface
• Folder collections, settings and filters can be saved/loaded across sessions
• Assign specific settings for individual folders
• Originals-Detection Rules and Prioritized Folders
• Filters
• Actions to perform on duplicates: Delete, Wipe & Move
• Comprehensive results overview
• Stats & Logging – Track scanning history
• 32-bit and 64-bit Editions
• WinPE support – Scan your hard drives for duplicates before installing Windows
• Scan on Schedule Windows Service – For overnight routine scans

Delete Duplicate Files是供微软Windows平台所使用的重复文件删除工具,有三种不同的扫描方式,支持过滤条件,可以将符合条件的内容删除,移至回收站或指定文件夹,每一步都将记录在日志中方便查询。

Delete Duplicate Files 5 序列号:

User Name: EveryOne
Serial Number: 133152126-108228279-49876177

User Name: SelfOwner
Serial Number: 2044080-68148159-679048

User Name: LuckyIam
Serial Number: 1142238-94114833-130790545

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dtSearch Desktop 7.72 序列号

DtSearch Desktop 一款文本搜索工具,支持在桌面,网络,局域网或INternet站点上搜索文本,有超过二十多个搜索选项,大部分搜索只需要不到一秒钟。可自动识别字处理软件、数据库、电子表格、电子邮件、PDF、ZIP、HTML、XML、Unicode文件。

dtSearch Desktop 7.72 序列号:


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PDFZilla 1.3 注册码

PDFZilla is a desktop application that quickly and accurately convert PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files.

PDFZilla是一款PDF转换工具软件,可以把PDF文件转换成可编辑的WORD DOC格式,纯文本TXT格式,富文本RTF格式,BMP/JPG/GIF/PNG/TIF图片格式,HTML网页格式,以及SWF动画格式。 PDFZilla同时也支持批量转换功能,方便您能一次转换多个文件。

PDFZilla 1.3 注册码:


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CodeLobster PHP Edition 4.5.3 注册机

CodeLobster PHP Edition几乎包括了PHP开发所需的一切。它包括所有标准与代码的工作手段、先进的查找和替换功能、代码高亮显示、自动完成和类视图窗口中根据自己PHP和HTML(XML)代码分析器。

CodeLobster PHP Edition 4.5.3 注册机下载:CodeLobster PHP Edition Keygen.7z (836)(解压密码:astray.cn)

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PTLens 8.9 许可证文件

PTLens is software that corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective.

PTLens 是一款不错的图像变形特效软件,用于处理因镜头产生的暗角、畸变、视角、色彩等!程序支持桶变-枕变和鱼眼镜头,支持对视角、色彩、暗角等随意进行调整,支持实时预览!程序不但可以独立运行,同时可以作为Photoshop的滤镜来使用!非常方便!

PTLens 8.9 许可证文件下载:ptLicense.dat.7z (990)(解压密码:astray.cn)
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Password Depot 7.0.4 Professional 破解补丁

Password Depot is a powerful and very user-friendly password manager which helps to organize all of your passwords – but also, for instance, information from your credit cards or software licenses.

The software provides security for your passwords – in three respects: It safely stores your passwords, guarantees you a secure data use and helps you to have secure passwords.

However, Password Depot does not only guarantee security: It also stand for convenient use, high customizability, marked flexibility in interaction with other devices and, last but not last, extreme functional versatility.

Password Depot是一个功能强大的口令设置工具。易于使用,特点鲜明,应用BlowFish、Rijndael技术进行最新加密。允许你完全破坏新建的文件,重新设定密码保护。

Password Depot 7.0.4 Professional 破解补丁下载:Password Depot Professional 7.0.4-Patch.7z (858)(解压密码:astray.cn)
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Starus File Recovery 3.3 注册码

Instantly recover deleted files and folders from all kinds of storage media. Starus File Recovery undeletes deleted files and recovers information lost after a disk accident. Supporting a variety of magnetic and solid-state storage devices, the new file recovery tool can quickly restore information from hard disks, SSD and USB drives, flash drives and memory cards with familiar, Explorer-like user interface.

Starus File Recovery 是一款功能强大的文件数据恢复工具,可以恢复已删除的文件和文件夹!拥有新的和改进的磁盘分析算法,可以在几秒钟内分析您的磁盘。跟Windows资源管理器很相似的外观和界面,可视化文件恢复时可以显示任何发现的已删除的文件,并且可以对磁盘、文件夹和文件进行预览,完全可视化的预览支持上百种文件格式。包括所有流行的图像格式、 音乐、 视频、 office 文档、 电子表格和演示文稿、 ZIP 和 RAR 档案、 电子邮件等。它可以工作在所有版本的Windows系统中,包括最新的 Win8/Win7 和 Win2008/2012 服务器系统,并支持所有Windows 文件系统,包括FAT、FAT32、NTFS和NTFS5,最新的版本可以恢复NTFS文件系统中压缩的文件。

Starus File Recovery 3.3 注册码:

Registration name: IRAQ_ATT
Commercial Edition Registration key: 8182-6817-6789-5457
Office Edition Registration key: 3885-3587-7957-8620
Home Edition Registration key: 4747-2110-8683-6675

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CCleaner v5.47.6701 注册码/注册机

CCleaner 是清理Windows 个人电脑的顶级工具。这个轻巧快速的软件可以清除您不需要的临时文件、系统日志,清理注册表并且保护您的个人浏览隐私。

CCleaner v5.47.6701 安装程序下载链接:

CCleaner 注册机:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1IIafwwVovGQ48TWiqAzmeg


Raise Data Recovery for NTFS & FAT 5.11 注册机

Raise Data Recovery are specialized editions of UFS Explorer Standard Recovery each designed for single file system. These products serve for data recovery and data access functions.

Each Raise Data Recovery product can recognize all file systems supported by UFS Explorer, however, files access and files recovery will work for specific file systems only. Thus, make sure you use the right software edition before purchasing software license.
Raise Data Recovery
Raise Data Recovery是对NTFS(FAT)数据恢复。可以恢复最近删除从你的NTFS(FAT)格式的磁盘,即使他们从回收站中被删除的文件。提高数据恢复可以对NTFS(FAT)分区的索引快速查找并恢复已删除的文件,提高数据恢复先进的‘恢复丢失的分区’选项,您可以扫描您的磁盘,如果发现你的NTFS(FAT)分区后丢失磁盘重新格式化,重新分区或分区表崩溃。

Raise Data Recovery for NTFS & FAT 5.11 注册机:百度网盘|城通网盘|MEGA|TusFiles
Raise Data Recovery for NTFS程序下载 Setup (7.85MB)
Raise Data Recovery for FAT and FAT32程序下载 Setup (7.85MB)

Raise Data Recovery for NTFS 5.11 注册码:

Registration name: astray.cn
Registration code: 185AAED1-78D6A02D-C167458B-BF7291EE-FD1875EB-99C14AC0

Raise Data Recovery for FAT and FAT32 5.11 注册码:

Registration name: astray.cn
Registration code: 3FA98F5C-23EEFC45-5A5404E3-1A811354-F02205D6-0A7B02B4

Raise Data Recovery 官方网站:http://www.ufsexplorer.com/rdr_index.php

PaperScan Scanner Software 1.8.6 Professional Edition 注册码

PaperScan Scanner Software is a powerful TWAIN & WIA scanning application with an OCR engine centered on one idea: making document acquisition an unparalleled easy task for anyone.

The Professional Edition of PaperScan Scanner Software is the most complete Edition providing professional end-users with all features needed in document (image and PDF) acquisition, processing and efficient storage domains.

PaperScan 是一个功能强大而先进的扫描软件,内置先进的OCR扫描引擎,使扫描文档变成文本的工作变得异常轻松。PaperScan 支持几乎所有类型的扫描仪!

PaperScan Scanner Software 1.8.6 Professional Edition 注册码:


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