Delete Duplicate Files 5 序列号

Delete Duplicate Files is powerful tool for deleting duplicated files. Some of the key features are:

• Efficient detection and removal of duplicate files
• Standard scanning methods: Compare files by content – Direct byte-for-byte or hash matches
• Light scanning methods: Compare files by names, sizes and additional secondary criteria
• Variety of additional comparison criteria which can be used in conjunction with standard methods (direct or hash).
• Powerful performances over the network
• User friendly and intuitive graphical interface
• Folder collections, settings and filters can be saved/loaded across sessions
• Assign specific settings for individual folders
• Originals-Detection Rules and Prioritized Folders
• Filters
• Actions to perform on duplicates: Delete, Wipe & Move
• Comprehensive results overview
• Stats & Logging – Track scanning history
• 32-bit and 64-bit Editions
• WinPE support – Scan your hard drives for duplicates before installing Windows
• Scan on Schedule Windows Service – For overnight routine scans

Delete Duplicate Files是供微软Windows平台所使用的重复文件删除工具,有三种不同的扫描方式,支持过滤条件,可以将符合条件的内容删除,移至回收站或指定文件夹,每一步都将记录在日志中方便查询。

Delete Duplicate Files 5 序列号:

User Name: EveryOne
Serial Number: 133152126-108228279-49876177

User Name: SelfOwner
Serial Number: 2044080-68148159-679048

User Name: LuckyIam
Serial Number: 1142238-94114833-130790545

2013-5-26 17-30-19


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