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Outertech’s system tool Cacheman offers the best methods to speed up Windows 7, XP, Vista, and Windows 8. Cacheman optimizes several caches, manages computer memory (RAM), fine tunes Registry settings and speeds up the PC by dynamically changing process priority. Auto-Optimization makes Cacheman suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts.

Cacheman offers a one-click Auto-Optimize feature which examines your computer and apply automatically best settings and system tweaks in order to speed up PC responsiveness and stability. You can speed up your computer for a specific usage by selecting a settings profile. Individual Auto-Optimization profiles include Gaming Computer, Notebook, Netbook, Server, Maximum stability, Desktop (best of all worlds), Windows 7 Tablet, and Windows 8 Tablet.

Cacheman 是一款非常优秀的Windows系统缓存优化工具,程序通过优化缓存控制内存来提高电脑程序的运行速度和性能,透过调整内存设定,让电脑执行效率达到最佳化,也是一款利用硬盘空间产生缓存的工具,可自行调整硬盘空间数值增加更多的虚拟内存,加快应用程序的执行速度等。此软件帮助使用者可以省下很多复杂的设定,也提供国外知名游戏的最佳化快速文件设定。Cacheman还可以根据你的用途不同,来自动进行优化系统!Cacheman还是一款超强的内存管理软件,程序可以监视目前系统的状况,在适当的时候进行内存回收,来提高系统的运行效率。

Outertech Cacheman 序列号:


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