Cleanse Uninstaller Pro 10.2.0 序列号

Cleanse Uninstaller Pro is a advanced uninstaller that finds and uninstall deletes even the most stubborn software . Uninstall faster, easier and more completely than you do with other programs. No more problem uninstalls. Using the Auto Find uninstall software function all you have to do is drag and drop the programs icon you want to uninstall onto Cleanse Uninstallers icon and Cleanse will Auto Find the program in the uninstall list and start the advanced uninstall process. Cleanse Uninstaller will try to find any left over files or registry entries (often left behind causing clogs which slow your computer) and help remove all of the remaining traces to optimize your computer’s performance. Cleanse Uninstaller advanced also includes a startup optimizer to make your computer boot faster. Also included is a junk file search and remove function so you can reclaim disk space.

Cleanse Uninstaller Pro是一个卸载软件,可以查找出系统中潜在的软件并删除它们,可以通过自动扫描注册表来发现隐藏的程序,且具备备份和恢复注册表的功能,可防止因为意外卸载造成的系统故障。

Cleanse Uninstaller Pro 10.2.0 序列号:


2013-4-18 14-51-18


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