EssentialPIM Pro Portable 5.03 注册码

EssentialPIM Portable (both Free and Pro versions) works straight from your removable media, whether you use a USB flash drive, compact flash card or any other portable device.

Plug and run EssentialPIM. All your settings are stored on the removable media
All your data is saved in one single file, which can be stored on the same removable media
All data is strongly encrypted using industry standard AES 256-bit key
No traces are left on the system you are using
You can set up directories for backup and temporary files on your home computer

Technical differences from the desktop version
All settings are stored on the removable drive only
INI and EPIM files are stored in the EssentialPIM Portable program folder by default
Provides automatic association and dissociation with EPIM files on any computer*
You can create shortcuts to EssentialPIM Portable from within the program on any computer*
Only relative path used when linking to files stored on the flash drive

*EssentialPIM Pro Portable version only

EssentialPIM Pro Portable 5.03 注册码:

Name:Mario Kaserer

运行EssentialPIM Pro Portable,在注册界面输入以上Name和Key
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