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Registry is a critical part of Windows. Since the registry is in constant use due to regular PC usage, it can get cluttered over time. Installing and removing software regularly and even moving and accessing data on the PC creates more and more registry entries, thereby increasing its size and deteriorating the systems performance.

RegClean Pro cleans such invalid registry entries using its advanced scan engine. It not only fixes invalid registry entries, it also defragments the registry, keeping it streamlined for smoother system performance. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use this RegClean Pro. The interface makes it easy to fix all registry errors easily and quickly even for novice users.

Systweak RegClean 是微软官方合作伙伴Systweak公司出品的一款功能强大的Windows注册表检测及修复软件,Systweak RegClean Pro可以帮助用户轻松而有效的清理、修复Windows系统注册表中缺省的、被破坏的或残缺的系统参数,轻松提升系统性能。该软件已经通过微软金牌认证,用户不必担心使用其修复注册表会对系统造成不好的影响。

SysTweak RegClean Pro 使用先进的扫描引擎清除无效注册表错误。它不仅可以修复无效的注册表项,还可以整理注册表碎片,使系统性能保持顺畅。你不必成为一个电脑专家就可以轻松的 使用 RegClean Pro,该软件非常容易上手,新手也能方便快捷的使用。

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Regclean Pro v6.21.65.2763

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