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VueScan is an easy-to-use replacement for the software that came with your scanner and supports most flatbed scanners, printer/scanners and film scanners. Over 10 million people have downloaded VueScan since it was first released in 1998. Whether you are looking for more advanced features that your scanner vendor doesn’t provide, or your scanner vendor no longer supports your scanner, VueScan helps you get the most out of your scanner.

VueScan 是使用非常广的一款扫描仪软件,支持Epson、HP、Nikon 和Canon 品牌的扫描仪设备,具有优良的色彩保真度和色彩平衡。

VueScan 拥有强大的功能和扫描选项,支持超越700扫描仪和209数码相机原始文件,支持 200 种以上的底片类型,还具备在剪取图像时制成关联单、复杂的白色平衡算法、用于检查物体表面暇疵的红外线底片扫描、成批扫描、自动剪取图像等等功能,大大提 高了扫描的效率。

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Serial Number: 104092336
Customer Number: 141962228

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