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ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a high performance screen recording software program. It works just like a real camcorder. A real camcorder can record many real world things including computer screen, while ZD Soft Screen Recorder can only record computer screen but can do much better than a real camcorder on screen recording, because software screen recording is crystal-clear, pixel by pixel, 100% true color reproduction, non-interfering, no shaking and no noise. You may need ZD Soft Screen Recorder when you want to capture what you see on computer screen, as well as what you hear and/or your narration.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 是一款高性能的屏幕录像机,它可以录制屏幕活动(可以是全屏、指定的区域、指定的窗口等)为视频文件,并实时同步录制音频(使用LAME编码),供演示或 讲解之用。ZDSR 目前支持输出四种格式,包括常规的视频 AVI/WMV。其中AVI可以调用系统已安装的任意编解码器,比如XviD/DivX/FFDShow/MSMpeg4v1/MSMpeg4v2 /MSMpeg4v3/x264等等,而WMV格式需要自行安装WMV9的VCM包。允许创建集成播放机的 EXE 格式录像,以及自己专有的格式 SRV。经过数台低配置机器的测试,译者发现这款软件录制时占用的资源非常小,一般的机器足以轻松录制出流畅的屏幕录像来。

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