Connectify Hotspot PRO 破解补丁

Connectify Hotspot is an easy to use software router for Windows computers that utilizes your PC’s built in Wi-Fi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connection with friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.

Connectify Hotspot Pro 是一款非常实用的软件,可以利用电脑的无线网卡制造出一个无线热点,供其他电脑、手机、平板电脑等WIFI上网使用。目前Connectify最 新版支持Win7、XP系统,安装后无需过多设置,设置热点名称、密码,开启热点就可使用。免费版不支持设置密码,本站提供的Connectify最新破 解版解除了这一限制,可以使用Connectify 专业版的所有功能。

Connectify Hotspot PRO 破解补丁下载:Connectify Hotspot PRO Crack-Patch.7z (1019)(解压密码

How to apply the crack:

1. Run ConnectifyExit.cmd as Administrator

2. Go into “%ProgramFiles%\Connectify\” and replace BuildProps.dll with the one
included in this package

3. Go into “%ProgramFiles%\Connectify\plugins\” and remove the ‘dispatch’ dir

4. Run ConnectifyStart.bat as Administrator

5. Start Connectify and use registration provided by DOA


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