DP Animation Maker 2.2.2 注册码

DP Animation Maker that allows you to add animation to images, and turn them into videos.

Create moving pictures. Whether you’re a graphic designer who wants to make an animated web banner or the guy next door who wants to add funny effects to greeting cards and YouTube videos, this software gives you the tools you need to make images come alive. It’s quick and affordable.

DP Animation Maker 绿色便携注册版是一个强大且简单使用的动画制作软件。它允许你创建动画背景,网页用的动画GIF文件,以及EXE绿色单文件用于其他用途。该软件拥有很多的动画特效可以让几乎所有图片到一个专业的视频。

DP Animation Maker 2.2.2 注册码:


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