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Easy Macro Recorder is a handy utility that automates repetitive and tedious tasks on computers. It records all operation of mouse and keystrokes, and saves them as macros, then Easy Macro Recorder can play back the recorded macros to automate tasks any number of times. What’s more, there is an easy-to-use macro editor which can help you create new macros or edit an already created macros. Easy Macro Recorder works on any Windows applications.

Easy Macro Recorder is very easy to use, just two steps: record and playback. It doesn’t require any programming experience.

Key features:

Record all events of mouse and keystrokes of any Windows applications
Repeat playing back macros for any number of times
Allow you to do things that are tedious or time-consuming without actually doing them yourself
Play back macros at schedule time
Easy to use macro editor with several commands
Easy to use and don’t need any programming knowledge

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附 Easy Macro Recorder 4.7 注册码:

registration name: astray.cn
registration code: MRD-D&EEFF26

Easy Macro Recorder

Easy Macro Recorder 主页:http://www.flashplayerpro.com/MacroRecorder/


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