Tipard iPad Transfer Platinum 6.1.12 破解补丁

As one of best transfers designed for Apple device, Tipard iPad Transfer really can be an awesome iPad file transfer and manager. With powerful functions, once owning this transfer, iPad fans can fully enjoy their iPad without any confusion and limitations.

With perfect compatibility and transferring function, this iPad Transfer can aid you in transferring various file types between iPad and PC, or importing files from one Apple device to the other.

What’s more, with powerful converting function, you are allowed to rip and convert any DVD/video file to many iPad and other Apple device compatible formats. Plus, you can also edit any video source file to create personalized video clips to put it on your iPad for fun.

Furthermore, this iPad transfer has ringtone-making function and ID3-editing function, which bring a lot of fun for iPad users. For more intelligent functions to explore and amazing user experience to experience, please download it and have a try!

Tipard iPad Transfer Platinum是专业的iPad文件管理应用程序。它可以完全支持传输音乐/电影/图片/电视显示/播客/iTunes U/电子书/相机卷/铃声/SMS/联系人或语音备忘录/相机拍摄的文件。

Tipard iPad Transfer 具有强大的转换功能,可以将 DVD/视频文件转换为 iPad,包括 M2TS、 MTS、 AVI、 MPEG、 WMV、 DAT、 TS、 MPV、 NSV、 MOV、 QT、 H261、 H264、 WMA、 AAC、 AIF、 AIFF、 AC3 等等。

Tipard iPad Transfer Platinum 6.1.12 破解补丁下载:Patch for Tipard iPad Transfer Platinum v6.1.12.7z (681)(解压密码:astray.cn)

把破解补丁放到程序的安装目录,并打开,然后点击”Patch it”
2013-3-3 11-30-25
提示:”Done !”
2013-3-3 11-12-31
成功完成注册,About Tipard iPad Transfer Platinum
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